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Anna Kendrick Naughty [29 Pics]

Saint nurse with sin thoughts (as well as the outfit for Halloween).
Probably these are the best words to describe her naughty role.
By the way, this collection of pics from the event and party (in its full mode: pre-party, party, and after party) includes leaked ones. Extra leaks of publicly not shared pics. But as The Fappening is unstoppable movement – what once was as a private instantly may become public.

Anna’s Instagram account:

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Anna Kendrick Drunk [5 Leaked Pics]

Could you believe that this is Anna Cooke Kendrick (or – simply Anna Kendrick).
Yes, the same one. Singer and actress. Born in Portland (Maine, US).
How much there is of just acting and how much of true being drunk – Anna knows (should know if do remember) the best. But at the same time such her leaked pics show you all around the world in what style and state this sexy film and TV celeb may take herself.

Anna’s Instagram account:

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Anna Kendrick Leaked [2 Pics]

Anna Kendrick. If to be correctly – Anna Cooke Kendrick (as this is her full birth name).
She is an American actress & singer. And, of course, The Fappening star as well as.
Yes, her private pics were leaked. So great Celebgate also includes such her pics. Taken during personal or private moments (while she alone or with her friends and so on).
Those of you who know or do remember her from filmography like “Twilight”, “Up in the Air”, “Pitch Perfect”, or “Into the Woods”, should enjoy such her stuff probably the most.
From these few leaked pics it almost clear that cars for Anna is not just for driving (or to be driven) but also for having some kind of fun.

Anna’s Instagram account:

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