Ashley Jones Private XXX [9 Leaked Shots]

Ashley Jones (or, actually, Ashley Aubra Jones) is an American actress. And, of course, among the famed ones.
Yes, she’s known for some of her roles in some soap operas (like “The Young and The Restless” as Megan Dennison, or on “The Bold and The Beautiful” as Dr. Bridget Forrester). But not only. Because she is famed also for some self masturbating and own pussy play scenes filmed privately on video (recorded and kept – before The Fappening as well as Celebgate – with an intention to have it for a personal use or private entertainment).
So as #TheFappening is already a fact, here are the leaks (as shots; so called screencaps) from her such private video session. Leaked shots show and let you see what she was doing at that time with camera switched on – almost nude, with naughty thoughts, and some sin actions.

Ashley’s Instagram account:

Ashley Jones leaked shots from private xxx video 001 01

Scarlett Johansson Nude [9 Leaked Selfies]

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson. An American actress and singer. So amazing and so sexy.
Favourite for her roles in selected movies and clips, famed for her poses in leaked selfies and pics.
Just take a look how good & sexy Scarlett is nude in these leaked self pics.
Having her home made selfies like these ones – taken while she’s in her bed or in a front of that full-length mirror – is like having a trophy. So rare and so unique!
iCloud hack and Celebgate as well as The Fappening movement had done the best to bring the world true, pure, nude / naked private pics / leaks of celebs. Even of the ones like Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett’s Instagram account: Scarlett does not have her real account on Instagram…

Scarlett Johansson nude naked leaked private pics 001 01

Brittany Furlan Getting Nude [3 Pics]

Brittany Furlan. Her full name is Brittany Jayne Furlan and she is one of those who made their career during the hype of such platforms like Vine or Instagram.
Now is American celebrity is well known and known globally. But before that she had to make the best out the best she still has – natural huge tits, skinny sexy body, special sense of humour (she’s a winner of “Viner of the Year”; she also has award of “Best Vine Comedian”).
But even being such famous Internet personality (agree – it is not so easy to do what she did: to become the most followed female video star on Vine), she is extra famed for The Fappening stuff. ‘Cause Celebgate is an experience this celeb had to face as well. So some of her selfie photos and other private pics (with Brittany sexy posing or being topless and even naked / nude there) were leaked.
Here on FamedOnes you now may find most of them!

Brittany’s Instagram account:

Brittany Furlan getting nude pics 001 01

Rachel Fenton Sexy Glam Cleavage [37 Public Pics]

If British dating reality series “Love Island” is what you like, you probably also will like this ‘islander’ – Rachel Fenton. Here is she and the way she chooses to look for her time and event at “Impossible” in Manchester (UK). Agree – with such glamorous & hot cleavage Rachel shows that really knows how to be attractive one.

Rachel’s Instagram account:

Rachel Fenton sexy glam cleavage public pics 001 01

Rebekah Vardy Hot Bikini [5 Pics]

That’s right – she’s the wife of Jamie (Jamie Richard Vardy is an English pro footballer and plays (as a striker) for Premier League Football Club “Leicester City”). But having such busty & curvy wife means having extra fame and not only because results with the team of LCFC.
You may find on web how Rebekah Miranda Nicholson met Jamie and became missis Vardy.
And here – simply enjoy hot views captured during vacation she had somewhere in Portugal.
That tanned body in bright yellow bikini really has power to grab fappers’ focus 😀 😀

Rebekah’s Instagram account:

Rebekah Vardy hot bikini fappening pics 001 01

Paige Undressed [2 Leaked Selfies]

Undressed Paige looks perfect. And looks like she knows that for sure.
Such sexy selfies she took is a proof. Just after having them leak as The Fappening photos, fappeners also can find out how that goes and how it looks.

Do you prefer her sexy front or back (and round parts there)?

And for those who don’t know – Paige (or – Saraya-Jade Bevis) is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstar.

Paige’s Instagram account:

Paige WWE Saraya Jade Bevis undressed leaked selfies 002 01

Anna Kendrick Leaked [2 Pics]

Anna Kendrick. If to be correctly – Anna Cooke Kendrick (as this is her full birth name).
She is an American actress & singer. And, of course, The Fappening star as well as.
Yes, her private pics were leaked. So great Celebgate also includes such her pics. Taken during personal or private moments (while she alone or with her friends and so on).
Those of you who know or do remember her from filmography like “Twilight”, “Up in the Air”, “Pitch Perfect”, or “Into the Woods”, should enjoy such her stuff probably the most.
From these few leaked pics it almost clear that cars for Anna is not just for driving (or to be driven) but also for having some kind of fun.

Anna’s Instagram account:

Anna Kendrick leaked pics 001 01