Lisa Appleton

Lisa Appleton Tits Slip [31 Pics]

“You Can Run But You Cannot Hide”. Busty ones cannot hide even her boobs / tits.
Take a look how that was with Lisa Appleton and her both.
Not sure was it all accidentally or not. Because (if to remind another famous quote – “You Cannot Step Into The Same River Twice”) such slip of her bikini top happened twice at the time.
Well, Lisa got her attention anyway. (Even gets even now:)

Lisa’s Instagram account:

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Lisa Appleton After Surgery [25 Pics]

Well, well, well. Although here is Lisa Appleton (former “Big Brother” contestant), she is in really unusual way. Yeah, she’s still in Thailand and after that planned anaplasty and her cosmetic surgery.
Those who are more in details of all that – are telling about her eyebrow lift and facelift, removal of eye bags, and even chin liposuction.
Now you should choose to view this or not. But the view is a way to see what it takes to be after such ‘corrections’.

Lisa’s Instagram account:

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