Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani Hot Beach Style [9 Pics]

Even if 4th of July this year is already over – Claudia Romani keeps on using such symbolic stuff so here is she while was enjoying her time on a shore of South Beach (Florida, US).
(That see-through black fishnet dress as well as hot black strings probably were from the same set she was wearing while (before or after the beach time) decided to feed pussy cat.)

Claudia’s Instagram account:

Claudia Romani hot beach style fappening pics 200 01

Claudia Romani Sexy Fishnet Dress [8 Pics]

Her great looking and nice tanned well shaped body in this sexy black fishnet mini dress may address to a thought that even some feeding of cats on streets for Claudia Romani (Italian / American professional fashion model and one of those well known personalities among the Instagram stars) is something to be done easy even in such hot & sexy style as in her case.

Claudia’s Instagram account:

Claudia Romani sexy fishnet dress fappening pics 199 01